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Magne (Mighty warrior)

Mainio (Excellent)

Maki (Hill)

Manni (Man)

Markku (Defense)

Marko (Defense)

Martti (Rendered to Mars)

Matias (Gift of God)

Matti (God's present)

Mauno (Greatness)

Maunu (Great)

Mauri (A dark skinned person)

Mika (Who is as god)

Mikko (Which man is like God?)

Mustanen (Black)


Naldo (Powerful, Rules with counsel)

Nestori (One who comes home)

Niilo (People's triumph)

Nikideemus (Victory of the people)

Niko (Victor of the people)

Nikotiemus (victory of the people)

Noll (Kind one)

Nolly (Kind one)

Nooa (Rest comfortably)


Oddvar (The spear's point)

Odin (Head God in Norse mythology)

Oiva (Splendid)

Olaf (Talisman, Ancestor)

Olav (Talisman, Ancestor)

Olavi (Descendant of)

Olen (Talisman, Ancestor)

Olie (Talisman, Ancestor)

Olin (Talisman, Ancestor)

Oliver (Kind one)

Olivero (Kind one)

Olivier (Kind one)

Olley (Kind one)

Olli (Heir of the ancestors)

Ollie (Kind one)

Olly (Kind one)

Olof (Talisman, Ancestor)

Onni (Luck)

Oscar (Divine spear)

Osgood (Divine spear)

Oskar (Divine spear)

Oskari (Leaping warrior)

Osku (God-spear)

Oszkár (Divine spear)

Otso (Bear)

Ove (Awe, The spear's point)


Paavali (Small)

Paaveli (Finnish form of paul)

Paavi (Small)

Paavo (Paul)

Pasi (Imperial, monarchic or royal)

Pauli (Small)

Pekka (Stone)

Pekko (Pekko of the field)

Pellervo (Field)

Pentti (The blessed one)

Pertti (Bright nobility)

Perttu (Rich in land)

Petri (Rock)

Petteri (Rock)

Pietari (Rock, stone)

Pyry (Blizzard, snowstorm)


Ragnar (Wise leader)

Raimo (Protected counsel)

Ransu (French man)

Raynard (Brave one)

Raynor (Brave one)

Reijo (Watchful; vigilant)

Reima (Wise protector)

Reinhard (Brave one)

Reinhart (Brave one)

Reino (Wise ruler)

Reko (Awake or watchful)

Rekorius (Watchful; vigilant)

Renaldo (Powerful, Rules with counsel)

Renard (Brave one)

Renaud (Brave one)

Rey (Brave one)

Reynart (Brave one)

Reynaud (Brave one)

Reyner (Brave one)

Rieti (Peaceful ruler)

Rikhard (Powerful ruler)

Riku (Daring power)

Rinehart (Brave one)

Risto (Christopher)

Ron (Powerful, Rules with counsel)

Ronald (Powerful, Rules with counsel)

Ronan (Powerful, Rules with counsel)

Ronnie (Powerful, Rules with counsel)

Ronny (Powerful, Rules with counsel)

Roope (Brilliant fame)

Roopertti (Brilliant fame)

Roscoe (From the deer forest)

Rupu (Behold, a son)

Ruuben (Behold, a son)

Ruupeni (Behold, a son)


Sakari (Whom Jehovah remembered)

Sakke (Whom Jehovah remembered)

Saku (Whom Jehovah remembered)

Salomon (Peace)

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Sampaa (Like the sun)

Sampsa (Like the sun)

Samu (To be able to hear God)

Samuli (To be able to hear God)

Santeri (Defender of mankind)

Santtu (Defender of mankind)

Sauli (To ask for)

Sepi (From Sebaste)

Seppanen (Smith)

Seppo (From Sebastos)

Severi (Stern)

Simo (God has heard)

Sisu (Determination)

Skip (Captain)

Skipp (Captain)

Skipper (Captain)

Skippy (Captain)

Soini (Boy)

Soren (Thunder)

Suffield (From the southern land)

Sulo (Charm, grace)

Sundy (From the southern land)

Sutcliff (From the southern land)

Sutherland (From the southern land)

Sutton (From the southern land)

Suvi (Summer)

Søren (Thunder)

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Taavetti (Beloved)

Taavi (Adored)

Tahvo (Man with crown)

Taisto (Battle)

Talo (House)

Taneli (The Lord is my judge)

Tapani (Crown)

Tarmo (Energy, power)

Tatu (God is my judge)

Tauno (Modest, peaceful)

Teemu (Victory of the people)

Tefanus (Crown)

Teppo (Man with crown)

Terho (Acorn)

Terje (Of Thor's spear)

Tero (Man; warrior)

Teutori (Gift of God)

Teuvo (God's present)

Thor (Thunder)

Thorbert (Thunder)

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Thordis (Thunder)

Thurstin (Thor's stone)

Thurston (Thor's stone)

Timo (To honor God)

Timofei (To honor God)

Toivo (Hope)

Tomi (Twin)

Tommi (Twin)

Topi (God is good)

Topias (God is good)

Tor (Thunder)

Torsten (Thor's stone)

Torsti (Thors stone)

Tšernobog (Black God)

Tuomas (Twin)

Tuomo (Twin)

Turpin (Thunder-Finn)

Turstan (Thor's stone)


Ukko (Old man)

Unni (Modest)

Uolevi (heir of the ancestors)

Urho (brave)

Usko (faith)


Väinämöinen (wide and slow-flowing river)

Väinö (wide and slow-flowing river)

Valkoinen (white)

Valto (ruler.)

Valtteri (Army rule)

Veikko (brother)

Veli (brother)

Vesa (sapling)

Vieno (gentle)

Vilhelm (Strong mind and protection)

Vilhelmi (Strong mind and protection)

Vilho (Strong mind and protection)

Viljami (will-helmet)

Viljo (will-helmet)

Ville (Strong mind and protection)

Vilppu (Friend of horses)

Voitto (Victory)

Voti (Victory)


Yjo (George)

Ylijumala (Over-God)

Yngvar (Of Ing's army)

Yrjänä (Earth-worker, farmer)

Yrjö (Earth-worker, farmer)

Yrkki (Earth-worker, farmer)