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Aada (Noble)

Aallotar (Lady of the waves)

Aamu (Morning)

Aata (Noble)

Aatu (Noble)

Aatukka (Noble)

Aava (Sound or Melody)

Adda (Graceful and noble)

Aina (The only one)

Aino (The only one)

Akka (Old lady)

Aleksandra (Defender of man)

Aliina (Noble)

Aliisa (Favor; grace)

Alina (Light)

Alisa (Great happiness)

Alli (Favor; grace)

Alma (Kind. Loving)

Anna (Favor or grace)

Annaliisa (Favor; grace)

Anneli (Favor; grace)

Anni (Favor; grace)

Anniina (Favor; grace)

Annikki (Favor; grace)

Annukka (Favor; grace)

Ansa (Virtue)

Anttiri (Mannish)

Anu (Favor; grace)

Asta (Super strength, Divine strength)

Astera (Super strength, Divine strength)

Astred (Super strength, Divine strength)

Astrid (Super strength, Divine strength)

Astyr (Super strength, Divine strength)

Aune (Chaste; holy)

Aurora (Dawn)

Ayn (The only one)


Blinded (Ruling forever)


Camilla (Priest's attendant)

Cecilia (Blinded)


Dal (Valley)

Dale (Valley)

Dallan (Valley)

Dallen (Valley)

Dallin (Valley)

Dalton (Valley)


Eerika (Ever-ruler)

Eeva (Life)

Eevi (Life)

Eleonoora (Foreign; the other)

Eliina (Torch)

Eliisa (God is my oath)

Elina (Shining light, or bright one)

Elisabet (Devoted to God)

Ella (Beautiful fairy)

Ellen (Bright, shining light)

Elli (Foreign; the other)

Elsa (God is satisfaction)

Emilia (Rival)

Emma (Whole or universal)

Emmi (Diminutive of Emma and Emily)

Enrica (Ever-powerful)

Erica (Ever-powerful)

Ericka (Ever-powerful)

Erika (Ever-powerful)

Eryka (Ever-powerful)

Essi (Star, abbreviation of Esteri)

Esteri (Star)

Eveliina (Little Eve)


Fanni (Woman from France)

Flos (Chieftain)

Fredriika (Peaceful ruler)

Fredriikka (Peaceful ruler)

Fredrika (Calm monarch)


Haldis (Stone spirit, Reliable, Assistant)

Hale (Hero, Army ruler)

Hanna (Gods given gift to the world)

Hanne (Favor; grace)

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Hannele (Favor; grace)

Heleena (Torch)

Helka (Divine woman)

Hellä (Gentle)

Helle (Torch)

Helleena (Torch)

Helli (Helen)

Helmi (Pearl)

Henna (Favor; grace)

Henriikka (Home-ruler)

Hilda (Battle)

Hilja (Silence)

Hilla (A confident person)

Hillevi (Happy in war)

Hulta (Hidden, obscure, secret)

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Iida (Work)

Iines (Chaste; holy)

Ilma (Air)

Ilmatar (Air)

Ilona (The bright one)

Ilta (Night)

Impi (Virgin)

Inari (Place name for Lake Inari in Finland)

Ingria (Hero's daughter)

Inka (Foremost one)

Inkeri (Beautiful)

Irja (Woman of peace)

Isla (Devoted to God)


Jaakkina (Feminine form of Jukka)

Jaana (Obstinacy, rebelliousness)

Janeka (God is gracious)

Janika (God is gracious)

Jemina (Listened to)

Jenna (White)

Jenni (God is gracious)

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Johanna (Gift from God)

Jonna (God is merciful)

Josefiina (God shall add another son)

Julia (Young)


Kaarina (Pure)

Kaija (Pure)

Kaisa (Pure)

Kaisu (Pure; variant of Kaisa)

Kalevi (Hero)

Kalwa (Heroine)

Karoliina (Man)

Kata (Pure)

Katariina (Pure)

Kati (Pure)

Katja (Pure)

Katri (Pure)

Katriina (Pure)

Katrikki (Pure)

Kerrttu (Gertrude)

Kerttu (Spear strength)

Kielo (Lily of the valley)

Kirsi (Believer)

Kirsti (Believer)

Krista (Christian woman)

Kristiina (Believer of Christ)

Kukka (Flower)

Kylli (Woman)

Kyllikki (Woman)


Lahja (Gift)

Laila (Night)

Leena (Of Magdala)

Lempi (Love)

Liina (Man)

Liisa (Promise of God)

Liisi (God is my oath)

Lijla (Lily flower)

Lilja (Lily)

Linnea (Lime tree)

Liv (Kind one)

Livia (Kind one)

Livvy (Kind one)

Livy (Kind one)

Lotta (Free woman)

Louhi (Trance)

Loviisa (Famous warrior)

Lumi (Light of life)

Lyydia (Of Lydia)

Lyyti (Of Lydia)