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One of the most popular regions to visit and an area infused with many different experiences, Central Finland has a very strong economy, consistent year round weather and a wide variety of attractions including a vibrant city life and a hive of outdoor activities. Although agriculture and forestry play a part, manufacturing is the main focus for the economy in Central Finland with machinery, vehicles and many more metal based products being the most prominent. It is not uncommon for temperatures to reach 15-25°C during the summer months but given the northern geographical location, even Central Finland can experience severe cold during the winter with the temperature dropping to -25°C. That being said, the average year round mean recording is closer to 5°C which is much more manageable for locals and visitors alike. Jyväskylä lies at the heart of central Finland and while it may not be the most appealing nature of the region, it is certainly central to its success. Featuring a prominent University and a number of world renowned research facilities, Central Finland has a youthful population and is a popular area for relocation in terms of education and career. Stunning lakes, incredible skiing opportunities and ample green areas for amenities, Central Finland is a favourite for tourists and the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors, regardless of the weather. The surrounding slopes in the region bring a lot of visitors to the region and guaranteed of snowfall each year ensure this is consistent. However, a long line of country holiday homes make the rural areas popular for weekend breaks and extended vacations, accompanied by a number of interesting activities such as golfing, hiking and fishing. When you consider how much diversity the region offers, Central Finland is not only a prosperous place to re-locate for students or those wishing to build a career, but also for tourists seeking an adventurous holiday or a quiet escape to nature in the countryside.