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Turku is an ancient port city on the Southwest coast of Finland and a focal point for the historical province known as Finland Proper. Offering traditional cuisine, historical remnants and stunning ocean views, not many regions can match the allure of the province known as Finland Proper.

Originating in medieval times, during the 13th century, Finland Proper was once part of neighbouring Sweden until conflict with Russia saw it being claimed and then then eventually forming past of what is now known as modern day Finland. Overflowing with remnants and stories from the old world, the region is located next to the Baltic Sea and is widely known as the most historical region in Finland. As seen in nearby provinces, the economy of Finland Proper has struggled since the economic recession in 2008 and has endured a long hard road to any signs of recovery. Having long prospered with the establishment of a timber industry and the presence of the technology company Nokia, the economy has suffered a downward trend with many businesses leaving the area and unemployment exceeding a mammoth 15%. Thankfully, there is still some authentic attractions in Finland Proper, many of which are infused with grandeur and historical importance, from the elegant Bridgettine monastery in Naantali Harbour  to the beautiful Medieval Castle in Lietto and Louhisaari in Masku, a giant spectacular manor home where the president was born.

Another highlight when visiting Finland Proper is the prominent city Turku and many attractions in the area. Located on the largest archipelago in the world, the area is home to many islands and some awe inspiring coastal scenery. Central to this historical medieval city and region you will also find Finlands national shrine, Turku Cathedral along with many enchanting chapels, not to mention the imposing Turku Castle. While Finland Proper may still be working to restore stability to the surrounding economy, it still offers a diverse experience to the visitor and one of the most prosperous regions in the country. Infused with medieval castles, chapels, walls and cathedrals, Finland Proper will delight anyone with a historical interest and the vibrant city of Turku with the onset of a stunning archipelago always ensures a genuine piece of Finnish culture with a backdrop of devastating beauty.