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Aadolf (Distinguished or strong wolf)

Aake (Eagle)

Aapeli (Breathing)

Aapo (Father of many nations)

Aarne (Eagle)

Aaroni (Light-bringer)

Aatami (Earth)

Aatos (Earth)

Aatto (Earth)

Aatu (Noble wolf)

Ahti (Sing the sand into pearls)

Ahto: (Wave-host)

Aimo (Generous amount)

Akilles (He who embodies the grief of the people)

Akseli (Peace of the father)

Aku (Venerable)

Ale (Defender of man)

Aleksanteri (Defender of man)

Aleksi (Defender)

Alpertti (Aristocratic and bright)

Altti (Bright nobility)

Alvar (Elf warrior)

Anselmi (Divine helmet)

Anssi (Divinity, God)

Antero (Man; Warrior)

Antti (Favor grace)

Ari (Light-bringer)

Armas (Beloved)

Armo (Grace)

Arto (Bear-man)

Arttu (Bear-man)

Artturi (As strong as a bear)

Arvo (Benefit, worth)

Aukusti (Venerable)

Aulis (Helpful; willing)


Dal (Valley)

Dale (Valley)

Dallan (Valley)

Dallen (Valley)

Dallin (Valley)

Dalton (Valley)


Edvard (Wealthy guard)

Edvin (Rich or wealthy friend)

Eelis (Yahweh is my God)

Eemeli (Rival)

Eerikki (King forever)

Eero (Ever-ruler)

Eetu (Wealthy guard)

Eikki (Powerful)

Eljas (The Lord is my God)

Ensio (First)

Erkki (Ever-ruler)

Erno (Serious minded)

Esa (God delivers)


Feetrikki (Peaceful ruler)

Floke (Guardian of the people)

Frans (French man)

Fredriik (Peaceful ruler)

Fredrik (Calm monarch)


Gamble (Old)

Gar (Gentle, Enclosure, Watchful)

Gareth (Gentle, Enclosure, Watchful)

Garit (Gentle, Enclosure, Watchful)

Garret (Gentle, Enclosure, Watchful)

Garreth (Gentle, Enclosure, Watchful)

Garrett (Gentle, Enclosure, Watchful)

Garry (Gentle, Enclosure, Watchful)

Garth (Gentle, Enclosure, Watchful)

Gary (Gentle, Enclosure, Watchful)

Geir (Spear)


Hakan (Noble)

Hale (Hero, Army ruler)

Hannu (God is gracious)

Harri (Home-ruler)

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Heikki (Henry)

Heikkinen (Son of Henry)

Henri (Home-ruler)

Henrikki (Home-ruler)

Hermanni (Army man)

Hesekiel (God will strengthen)

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Igor (Hero)

Iikka (He will laugh)

Iiro (Bow warrior)

Iisakki (One who brings laughter)

Iivari (Bow warrior)

Ilmarinen (Air)

Ilmatar (Air)

Ingvarr (Of Ing's army)

Into (Enthusiasm)

Ismo (God hears)


Jaak (Supplanter)

Jaakko (Following after)

Jaako (Supplanter)

Jalmari (Helmet-warrior)

Jalo (Gracious and noble)

Jani (God is gracious)

Janne (God is merciful)

Jari (Helmet-warrior)

Jarmo (Lifted up or exalted by God)

Jarvi (Lake)

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Jaska (Supplanter)

Johan (God is gracious)

Joki (River)

Joni (God is gracious)

Joona (Dove)

Joonas (Dove)

Joosep (Joseph)

Jooseppi (God raises)

Jorkki (Earth-worker, farmer)

Jorma (Farmer)

Jouko (Great, large)

Jouni (God is merciful)

Juha (God is merciful)

Juhana (God is gracious)

Juhani (God is merciful)

Juho (God is gracious)

Jukka (God is gracious)

Jussi (God is merciful)

Juuso (God shall add another son)

Jyri (Farming man)


Kaapo (Gods bravest man)

Kaapro (Man of God)

Kaarl (Strong)

Kaarle (Free man)

Kaarlo (Man)

Kal (Strong)

Kalle (Man)

Kari (blessed)

Kauko (far away)

Keir (Marshland)

Kelby (From the farm by the spring)

Kerr (Marshland)

Kirby (From the church)

Kirk (From the church)

Kirkley (From the church)

Kirkus (From the church)

Kirkwood (From the church)

Kristoffer (Christ-bearer)

Kurk (From the church)

Kustaa (Staff of the Gods)

Kusti (Meditation staff)

Kyösti (Meditation staff)


Lamont (Lawyer)

Lang (Long, Tall)

Langdon (Long, Tall)

Langford (Long, Tall)

Langhorne (Long, Tall)

Langley (Long, Tall)

Langston (Long, Tall)

Langtry (Long, Tall)

Larssi (Laurel)

Lasse (City of laurels)

Lassi (City of laurels)

Launo (Victor of the people)

Lauri (Laurel)

Leevi (Adhesion, joined to)

Leif (Beloved)

Lemminkäinen (Love)

Luukas (From Lucania)